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As West Covina Estate Planning Attorneys, Family Law Attorneys, Probate Attorneys, and Divorce Lawyers, Holland, Donnelly & Mishler are dedicated to offering insightful, experienced legal counsel and representation in estate planning, divorce, family law, and trust litigation probate matters.

Serving the West Covina community and the San Gabriel Valley region since 1959, Attorneys Timothy Mishler and Michael Donnelly focus on protecting the rights of each client with a professional and personal approach. We zealously take on client cases in the way we would take on our own legal issues.

If you need the knowledge of a skilled West Covina Family Law Attorney or Estate Planning Lawyer in any family law, trust administration, trust/trust litigation, will issue, probate, guardianship, conservatorship, or any estate planning service, child support matter, spousal support modification, or visitation issue, contact our skilled Estate Planning Attorneys and Family Law Lawyers who have been successful in assisting individuals and their families with these sensitive matters for more than five decades.

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Call the Law Offices of Holland, Donnelly & Mishler at (626) 357-3223 to schedule your free, initial consultation. You will meet with an experienced West Covina Probate Attorney, Divorce Lawyer, or Family Law Attorney who will review your information and create a strategy on how a successful resolution can be achieved.

West Covina Estate Planning Attorney | Areas of Practice

As experienced West Covina Estate Planning Lawyers and Probate Lawyers, Holland, Donnelly & Mishler offers skilled legal representation in a wide range of estate and trust law matters.

Conservatorship Attorney

Whether you are establishing a conservatorship, or whether you are fighting one, call a Conservatorship Lawyer at Holland, Donnelly & Mishler for skilled legal guidance. Conservatorship is the process of the court appointment of an individual who has the responsibility to maintain financial accounts along with the well-being of the incapacitated person. Conservatorship actions may concern an elderly individual who can no longer function independently in a safe manner.Rosemead Estate Planning Attorney

Estate Planning Lawyer

A well-written, comprehensive estate plan ensures that your hard-earned wealth and assets are preserved for the next generation. By working with our skilled Estate Planning Attorney, your estate will not incur avoidable expenses and the unnecessary conflicts of family members or business associates. As West Covina Estate Planning Attorneys, we tailor our services for your unique circumstances, while working diligently to minimize your estate tax liabilities.

Probate Lawyer

Are you looking for an experienced Probate Attorney for assistance with the probate of a will or assist with distributing a loved one’s assets? We understand that settling a family member’s legal and financial affairs can be difficult and stressful. If you are appraising their property, identifying ownership, and taking inventory, you may run into legal obstacles. Contact our West Covina Probate Attorneys for assistance in resolving your probate matters in a quick and efficient manner.

Probate Litigation Attorney

You are in need of a skilled Probate Litigation Lawyer if you are involved in a will dispute. Our experienced Probate Litigation Lawyers provide zealous representation in probate litigation matters and work diligently to achieve a favorable outcome on your behalf.

Trusts Lawyer

As experienced Trusts Attorneys, we provide knowledgeable advice and counsel in matters concerning trusts and trust administration. Our Trust and Estate Lawyers draft and review these documents to safeguard your wealth so it is distributed in the manner in which you choose. Please schedule an estate planning session with our skilled Trusts Attorneys today.

Trust Litigation Attorney

At Holland, Donnelly & Mishler, our Trust Litigation Lawyers provide proven skills to clients embroiled in trust litigation issues, including inaccurate accountings, improper asset investments, breach of fiduciary duty, and any failure to make mandatory distributions.

West Covina Family Law Lawyers | Areas of Practice

Divorce Attorney

As skilled Divorce Lawyers, we handle contested and uncontested divorce matters, including dissolution of a domestic partnership. Our experienced Divorce Lawyers carefully listen to your goals, prioritize each issue, and work diligently to achieve your legal objectives. We strive to resolve divorce matters efficiently and effectively either through peaceful mediation or vigorous litigation.

Child Custody Lawyer

If you need legal assistance in child custody matters, call Holland, Donnelly & Mishler. Our Child Custody Attorneys provide diligent counsel in these emotional cases at all stages, beginning with initial determination to any post-judgment modifications when a change in circumstances has occurred.Rosemead Divorce Attorney

Child Support Attorney

From the time of the initial determination of child support, to modifications, collections, DCSS matters, and arrearage issues, our experienced Child Support Lawyers provide skilled representation. Calculations are determined by the court using several factors, and we strive to ensure the appropriate factors are considered on your behalf.

Child Visitation Lawyer

If you are looking for legal assistance to craft an effective parenting plan or for a post-judgment modification to child visitation, call a skilled Child Visitation Attorney at Holland, Donnelly & Mishler today. Our West Covina Family Law Attorneys help clients through litigation and negotiated settlement. We also offer a vigorous defense to individuals in contempt proceedings.

Spousal Support Attorney

Whether you are seeking spousal support, or if your former spouse is trying to obtain it, call our skilled Spousal Support Lawyers and West Covina Divorce Attorneys for assistance. In California, a judge will base the amount of spousal support on guidelines in California’s Family Code. Spousal Support is discretionary, and is not required by law. Call our office for all spousal support/alimony matters, including any post-judgment modifications.

Guardianship Attorney

A guardianship involves the transference of a minor’s custody to an adult who is not the parent. The guardian now makes legal decisions and manages the child’s assets and financial affairs. As experienced Guardianship Lawyers, we can help you fight a guardianship or establish one.

Call West Covina Estate Planning Attorneys, Divorce Attorneys!

As West Covina Probate Lawyers, Family Law Attorneys, and Estate Planning Lawyers, we are proud to have offered skilled, compassionate legal counsel since 1959. We work to obtain outcomes that are favorable on behalf of our clients, while preserving and protecting their legal rights.

Call (626) 357-3223 for the skilled West Covina Attorneys at Holland, Donnelly & Mishler. We invite you to arrange a free consultation today. You may also submit the Case Evaluation Form, and we will contact you.

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