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Sierra Madre Estate Planning

& Family Law Attorneys

Sierra Madre Probate Attorneys at Holland, Donnelly & Mishler have been working for family law clients since 1959. When you need successful and confident legal representation for estate planning, family law, or trust law, you can count on us.

The family law attorneys at our firm are devoted to giving each case the same kind of professional and personalized attention we give to the legal matters of our own families. We are serious about protecting the rights of our clients.

When you want experienced Sierra Madre probate attorneys and estate planning lawyers to help with trust & estate litigation, conservatorship or guardianship, and various other estate planning and family law matters, Holland, Donnelly & Mishler are prepared to provide the legal guidance you need.

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You can contact us at (626) 357-3223 and schedule a complimentary consultation with experienced Sierra Madre family law lawyers, trusts attorneys, or estate planning lawyers.

At the law offices of Holland, Donnelly & Mishler, we are dedicated to providing courteous and respectful legal services to all clients. We return calls and emails promptly, and we look forward to showing how we can help you obtain your legal goals. Call us today and consult with one of our knowledgeable Sierra Madre family law attorneys.

Sierra Madre Estate Planning and Family Law

The Sierra Madre estate planning attorneys at Holland, Donnelly & Mishler represent clients seeking help with a range of trust law, estate, and family law cases, such as:

Estate and Trust Law

Estate Planning Attorneys

Our Sierra Madre estate planning lawyers will conduct a thorough consultation with you to determine the goals you have in mind for your estate planning. We provide exhaustive and complete estate planning services, making use of effective legal tools to accomplish your wishes in the best manner. As our Sierra Madre estate planning lawyers are well experienced in the field of estate planning, we continuously make preserving your resources and reducing your tax liabilities a priority. In this way we serve both our clients now and their families in the future.Sierra Madre Estate Planning Attorney

Conservatorship Attorneys

The conservatorship lawyers at Holland, Donnelly & Mishler will skillfully establish or fight a conservatorship. Conservatorship is a legal process where the Court designates a reliable adult to help someone that is not able to manage finances and care for themselves. As experts in limited conservatorships that assist the developmentally disabled as well as those for elderly or incapacitated adults, our conservatorship attorneys are the ones to contact for all needs in this legal area.

Sierra Madre Probate Lawyers

The skilled Sierra Madre estate planning attorneys at Holland, Donnelly & Mishler provide legal representation and guidance throughout the entire process of probate. If you are having issues with opening probate or overseeing probate administration, contact us today. Our Sierra Madre probate lawyers will help resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Guardianship Attorney

Our Sierra Madre guardianship lawyer has years of experience in creating as well as fighting guardianships. The legal tool of guardianship appoints a guardian to look after a child’s welfare or finances, and transfers child custody from parents when they are unable to provide this care themselves. For cases in which a child resides with a responsible adult who makes decisions about the child’s health, education, and general welfare, a probate guardianship is employed.

Probate Litigation Attorney

Our probate litigation lawyer provides effective representation for probate controversies. Often, probate litigation involves various probate actions such as a contested will. The Sierra Madre probate litigation attorneys at Holland, Donnelly & Mishler make sure to provide effective legal guidance for clients involved in various probate actions, such as cases that involve omitted heirs, children, surviving spouses, or creditors.

Trust Litigation Attorney

Trustees and beneficiaries that are entangled in trust litigation will find knowledgeable representation from our trust litigation lawyer. Trust litigation can become necessary because of failure to carry out mandated distributions, a breach of fiduciary responsibility on the part of a trustee, failure to produce accountings, or failure to properly invest trust assets. In addition to trust analysis, trust litigation will sometimes include trust contests. Call a trust litigation attorney from Holland, Donnelly & Mishler at (626) 357-3223 today and set up your free consultation.

Trusts Attorney

Our trusts lawyer will meet with you to comprehensively review your options for estate planning and legal trusts. The knowledgeable trust and estate lawyers of Holland, Donnelly & Mishler will consult with and advise you before planning and drafting your trust documents. To schedule your free estate planning consultation today, call our trust and estate attorney law firm at (626) 357-3223.

Family Law

Sierra Madre Divorce Attorneys

The Sierra Madre divorce lawyers from Holland, Donnelly & Mishler provide experienced and knowledgeable legal advice to clients dealing with divorce. Our Sierra Madre divorce attorneys provide legal counsel on divorce matters such as division of debts, division of assets, contested or uncontested divorce, or dissolution of domestic partnerships. If our divorce lawyers are unable to settle your case using peaceful negotiation or mediation, then they are ready to see it through trial. Give our Sierra Madre divorce lawyers a call today at (626) 357-3223 and set a time for your complimentary divorce consultation.Family Law Divorce Attorney

Spousal Support Attorney

The knowledgeable spousal support lawyers at Holland, Donnelly & Mishler have a comprehensive understanding of the state of California’s alimony / spousal support laws. Spousal support is a discretionary item. This means that the judge presiding over a divorce case is not required to include spousal support in the way child support is required.

Nevertheless, the California family code sets out specific guidelines that the judge must consider before ruling on spousal support. We will see your case all the way from initial determination of spousal support to any modifications that become necessary after judgement. Give us a call at (626) 357-3223 and let our experienced spousal support attorney provide you with legal guidance on this matter.

Child Support Attorney

Holland, Donnelly & Mishler offer experienced, skilled legal guidance and representation for any child support case. Our Sierra Madre child support lawyer will guide you through the initial finding on child support, child support arrearage, post-judgement modifications on child support, defense against DCSS, and issues relating to the collection of child support. Call us today for legal representation in all child support matters.

Child Custody Attorney

You will find effective legal counsel for all kinds of child custody matters or disputes, including custody cases involving separation of unmarried parents, termination of same-sex domestic partnerships, divorce or legal separation, and post-judgement child custody modifications. The Sierra Madre child custody lawyers at Holland, Donnelly & Mishler are experienced in resolving physical custody and legal custody matters as well as resolving disputes arising from disagreements between co-parents about the health, welfare, or education of their children.

Child Visitation Attorney

The child visitation lawyers at Holland, Donnelly & Mishler have the knowledge and skill it takes to help clients create sound and successful co-parenting and child visitation plans. We advise clients in matters such as determining parental visitation, contempt proceedings for failure to follow co-parenting or visitation plans, and post-judgement modifications of visitation arrangements.

Connect with Sierra Madre, California Family Law Attorneys

The Sierra Madre family law lawyers at the law firm of Holland, Donnelly & Mishler provide compassionate, experienced, and informed legal guidance in the fields of probate, estate law, and family law. Since 1959, we have been serving residents of L.A. County.

Contact Holland, Donnelly & Mishler by filling out our Case Evaluation Form or by calling us at (626) 357-3223. We are ready to schedule a free and completely confidential consultation for you with one of our respected family law or estate planning lawyers.

We are always striving to preserve and protect the best interests of clients. We work diligently to reach the legal goals you seek.


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