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Rosemead Estate Planning Lawyers, Probate Attorneys, and Family Law Lawyers at the Law Office of Holland, Donnelly & Mishler have served the Rosemead community and clients throughout the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County since 1959 in estate planning, family law, and probate and trust litigation matters.

Our Rosemead Estate Planning Attorneys and Family Law Attorneys are focused on the zealous protection of each client’s rights. By approaching each case with professionalism and personal attention, our Probate Attorneys and Divorce Attorneys are committed to treating your legal matter as if it were our own.

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Are you looking for an experienced Rosemead Estate Planning Attorney or Family Law Lawyer for skilled legal assistance in a family law matter, trust or trust litigation, trust administration, estate planning services, will probate or probate litigation, guardianship or conservatorship action, child support or alimony modification, child custody / visitation issue? Our knowledgeable Estate Planning Lawyers and Family Law Attorneys have successfully and confidently assisted individuals and families in these matters for over five decades. We are prepared to help you find favorable outcomes!

Contact Holland, Donnelly & Mishler at 626-357-3223 and arrange for an initial consultation in our offices with a skilled Rosemead Probate Lawyer, Trusts Attorney, Divorce Lawyer. We show respect to clients by courteously returning calls and emails in an appropriate timeframe. Please call our offices and learn the many ways our experienced Rosemead Family Law Lawyers and Estate Planning Attorneys can achieve a successful resolution in your legal matter.

Rosemead Estate Planning Lawyers | Practice Areas

Rosemead Estate Planning Attorneys and Probate Attorneys at Holland, Donnelly & Mishler offer experienced legal counsel in many areas of trust and estate law, including: Rosemead Estate Planning Attorney

Conservatorships: Are you looking to establish a conservatorship, or are you fighting one? Our Conservatorship Attorney is prepared to assist you. A conservatorship involves the court appointing an individual to responsibly maintain the financial and physical well-being of an incapacitated person. This situation may involve an elderly person who is not able to safely function independently. Contact our skilled Conservatorship Lawyer for a consultation.

Estate Planning: Preserving clients’ assets while minimizing tax liabilities for current or future generations is the primary goal of our Estate Planning Attorneys. An effective Comprehensive Estate Plan is critical to ensure that your hard-earned assets are not unnecessarily diminished by avoidable expenses or conflicts with business associates or family members. Our Rosemead Estate Planning Lawyers offer services tailored to meet your unique circumstances.

Guardianships: Our experienced Guardianship Attorney helps clients establish or fight a guardianship action. The transferring of custody of a minor child gives a non-parental adult the legal responsibility to make decisions and manage the financial affairs and assets of the child. Contact our experienced Guardianship Lawyers for skilled legal counsel in family law matters.

Probate: Do you need a skilled Probate Attorney to probate a will or to supervise the distribution of the assets of a loved one? Settling the affairs of a deceased person and identifying, taking inventory, and appraising that person’s property can be stressful and present many legal obstacles. Our Rosemead Probate Lawyers are ready to assist you by quickly and efficiently resolving probate matters.

Probate Litigation: Is a will being challenged or disputed? Our knowledgeable Probate Litigation Attorneys offer zealous representation for probate litigation cases. In any probate dispute, including will contests, our skilled Probate Litigation Lawyers work diligently toward a favorable outcome for clients.

Trusts: Trusts Lawyers review, draft, and offer skilled legal advice regarding any trust-related document. Our Trust and Estate Attorneys work closely with clients to safeguard their assets for current and future generations. Schedule your estate planning consultation with our experienced Trusts Lawyers today.

Trust Litigation: Offering skilled representation, our Trust Litigation Lawyers assist clients in any trust litigation matter, including improper trust asset investments, breach in fiduciary duty, inaccurate accountings, and failure in making mandatory distributions. Our Trust Litigation Attorneys offer proven litigation skills for use in your trust and estate matter.

Family Law Attorneys for Rosemead | Practice Areas

Divorce: In both uncontested and contested divorce situations, our experienced Divorce Attorneys handle every aspect of divorce and dissolution of domestic partnerships. We listen carefully to your needs and help prioritize issues. Our Divorce Lawyers diligently work to find efficient and effective resolutions to divorce matters whether by vigorous litigation or peaceful mediation. Rosemead Divorce Attorney

Child Custody: Child Custody Attorneys at Holland, Donnelly & Mishler are highly experienced in all child custody issues. We offer diligent legal representation for these disputes which often are very emotional for all involved. Our Knowledgeable Child Custody Lawyers handle these cases from the initial determination to post-judgment modification in cases where circumstances have changed.

Child Support: Our Child Support Lawyers provide skilled legal counsel in all child support matters, from the initial establishment to arrearage matters, modifications, DCSS defense, and any collection-related issue. Contact our Child Support Attorneys to schedule your consultation.

Child Visitation: Do you need experienced legal assistance for a child visitation dispute? Our Child Visitation Lawyers work diligently to devise effective parenting plans and represent clients seeking post-judgment modifications. As seasoned Child Visitation Attorneys, we vigorously defend men and women who are involved in failure to comply contempt proceedings.

Spousal Support: If you are the spouse who is seeking spousal support or alimony, or if your spouse is wanting it, contact our Spousal Support Attorney for skilled legal counsel. In Rosemead, spousal support is based on California’s Family Code and is a discretionary award by the judge. If you need legal assistance for the establishment of spousal support or you need a postjudgment modification for Spousal Support, let our Spousal Support Lawyer handle your legal matters.

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Since 1959, Rosemead Probate Attorneys, Estate Planning Lawyers, and Family Law Lawyers have proudly offered compassionate, experienced legal advocates.

Our Rosemead Family Law Attorneys and Trust and Estate Lawyers work to obtain favorable outcomes for clients while working diligently to preserve and protect their rights and best interests!

Call Holland, Donnelly & Mishler at 626-357-3223 and schedule your initial consultation today. We invite you to complete the Case Evaluation Form. After reviewing your information, we will schedule your free consultation.

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