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Skilled Family Law Attorneys, Divorce Lawyers, and Estate Planning Attorneys at the Law Office of Holland, Donnelly & Mishler provide experienced legal representation in Divorce/Family Law, Estate Planning, Trusts Litigation, Guardianship/Conservatorship, and Probate/Probate Litigation matters. Since 1959, we have been zealously protecting our clients’ rights by offering personalized attention to detail on each case.

Family Law Lawyers, Estate Planning Lawyers, and Divorce Attorneys at Holland, Donnelly & Mishler bring professionalism and confidence while representing women and men in El Monte, the San Gabriel Valley, and throughout Southern California.

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Call our office at 626-357-3223 to arrange for your initial consultation with an experienced El Monte Probate Lawyer or Trusts Attorney. We show respect to clients by returning emails and phone calls in a timely manner. We invite you to contact our office to discover how our skilled team of Divorce Lawyers, Family Law Attorneys, and Estate Planning Lawyers are able to assist you in obtaining your legal objectives.

Family Law, Divorce, and Estate Planning for El Monte

For over five decades, the Law Firm of Holland, Donnelly & Mishler has represented clients from El Monte and the surrounding communities in Estate Planning, Family Law, and Divorce matters, including:

Trusts, Probate and Estate Planning Services

Conservatorships: Whether you are establishing a conservatorship, or fighting the establishment of one, our experienced Conservatorship Lawyer will work diligently to protect your interests. In these cases where a judicial decision has found that an individual cannot manage their own finances, a seasoned Conservatorship Attorney is needed to protect the rights of the adult who required care and also the caretaker.El Monte Estate Planning Attorney

Estate Planning: Our El Monte Estate Planning Attorney is a California Certified Estate Planning Specialist. Using the latest tools and comprehensive estate planning services, we work closely with clients to evaluate goals for each unique family situation and financial circumstance. As knowledgeable Estate Planning Lawyers, we are committed to preserving client’s assets while minimizing current and future tax liabilities.

Guardianships: Guardianship Attorneys at Holland, Donnelly & Mishler assist with the establishment of a guardianship and also fight against these actions.

Probate: Our skilled Probate Attorneys for El Monte offer personalized legal representation in every probate matter to quickly and efficiently resolve these issues.

Probate Litigation: If you are involved in a probate dispute, contact our experienced Probate Litigation Attorney for highly aggressive legal representation. In probate controversies such as will contests, creditor’s claims, and accounting disputes, our skilled Probate Litigation Lawyer will zealously fight to protect your legal rights.

Trust Litigation: Contact our office at 626-357-3223 and arrange a free initial consultation to discuss any Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Removal of Trustees, or another matter with our highly qualified Trust Litigation Attorney. We offer the skill and expertise to preserve and protect your rights while we achieve results.

Trusts: Our experienced Trusts Lawyers provide skilled legal assistance to clients who are making critical decisions while planning for their future. Our Trusts Attorneys professionally draft and carefully review all trust-related documents.

Family Law and Divorce Services

Divorce: At the Law Firm of Holland, Donnelly & Mishler, our seasoned Divorce Lawyers assist with all divorce-related matters, including child custody, child support, division of debts, property division, and spousal support. Whether you are seeking an amicable divorce mediation or if you are needing divorce litigation, our El Monte Divorce Attorneys are committed to helping you with the appropriate legal actions to end your marriage.El Monte Divorce Attorney

Child Custody: If you are involved in a child custody dispute, our experienced Child Custody Attorneys offer diligent representation in these emotionally charged situations.

Child Support: El Monte Child Support Lawyers at Holland, Donnelly & Mishler provide experienced representation in all child support cases. Contact our skilled Child Support Attorneys for assistance in matters involving modifications, arrearage, DCSS defense, and any issues dealing with the collection or establishment of child support.

Child Visitation: Our Child Visitation Attorney assists clients with establishing comprehensive co-parenting and child visitation plans. We assist clients with the initial findings, modifications, and where contempt is involved.

Spousal Support: At Holland, Donnelly & Mishler, we have skilled Spousal Support Lawyers who successfully represent men and women in every type of Spousal Support matter, from the initial determination of Spousal Support through post-judgment modifications.

Call Skilled El Monte Family Law Lawyers and Estate Attorneys

Providing compassionate, experienced, and informed representation, the Law Office of Holland, Donnelly & Mishler has been serving clients in El Monte, Los Angeles County, and throughout Southern California since 1959 in Estate Planning, Divorce, Probate, Trust, and Family Law matters.

Call 626-357-3223 to arrange for a free confidential meeting with one of our skilled and respected Divorce Lawyers, Child Support Attorneys, Trusts Lawyers, Guardianship Lawyers, or Family Law Lawyers.

We are dedicated to diligently working to protect and preserve your interests while striving to achieve the best results possible!

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