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Monrovia Child Support & Spousal Support Attorneys

Monrovia Child Support Lawyer Michael Donnelly of the Law Firm Holland, Donnelly & Mishler has been providing skilled, caring representation to clients in need of assistance with child support and spousal support matters for more than 25 years.

A highly skilled negotiator and litigator, Mr. Donnelly has the experience you want on your side when you are in the midst of a child support or spousal support dispute. Attorney Michael Donnelly provides intelligent legal advice that allows his clients to make informed decisions with respect to their support case.  

Contact Monrovia Child Support Lawyer & Spousal Support Attorney Michael Donnelly at (626) 357-3223 to schedule a consultation with one of the region’s leading attorneys.

Mr. Donnelly will thoroughly review your options for resolving your child support or spousal support matter through peaceful alternatives to litigation. However, if litigation is inevitable, Monrovia Child Support Lawyer Michael Donnelly will fight aggressively on your behalf.

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Calculating Child Support in Monrovia

California uses a highly complicated algebraic formula for use when calculating a child support obligation. This formula takes into account numerous factors, including parents’ income, number of children, and how much time each parent spends with and is responsible for the children. Monrovia Child Support Attorney

Due to the complexity of the statutory child support formula, Family Law judges use computer programs such as Dissomaster and X-Spouse to make a determination of support. Proving what the correct numbers are to put into the computer program is often the issue that parties dispute.

Aside from the parents’ timeshares and incomes, California’s child support guidelines also require consideration of the following:

If child support is going to be a factor in your divorce, you want an attorney who has a detailed and clear understanding of how guideline factors can affect a child support ruling. Monrovia Divorce Attorney Michael Donnelly has been representing parties in child support matters since 1986, and he possesses the experience required to ensure that all of these factors are taken into account when the Court is issuing a child support judgment.

Monrovia Spousal Support & Alimony Attorney

Unlike Child Support, under California Law Spousal Support (Alimony) is discretionary. This means that the judge has the judicial discretion to grant or deny a petition for Spousal Support. Prior to issuing a ruling regarding Alimony, the Court will review several factors on a case by case basis, including:

If Alimony is going to be at issue in your case, you need a highly trained and qualified Family Law Attorney who will fight vigorously for you! Mr. Donnelly will review your case with you and determine if, based on his experience, the Court will be inclined to issue an alimony order in your case. If we are unable to successfully negotiate Spousal Support, Attorney Michael Donnelly will aggressively litigate the issue before the Family Court Judge.  

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Monrovia Support Lawyer Michael Donnelly represents clients in a wide variety of child support & spousal support cases, including initial determination of support, post-judgment modifications of support based on change in circumstance, hearings for the judicial determination of family support arrears, and in Support Enforcement cases.

If you need experienced, aggressive representation in a Child Support or Spousal Support matter, contact Monrovia Support Lawyer Michael Donnelly at (626) 357-3223 to make an appointment for a free initial consultation. Whether you are the support obligor or support oblige, we can help resolve your case!

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