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Azusa Family Law Attorneys | Estate Planning Lawyers

We welcome you to the Azusa Law Firm of Holland, Donnelly and Mishler. The accomplished Estate Planning Attorneys and Family Law Lawyers at Holland, Donnelly and Mishler have been successfully and confidently representing clients in matters involving Estate Planning, Family Law, and Divorce in Azusa and surrounding areas since 1959.

Azusa Probate Lawyers, Estate Planning Lawyers, and Family Law Attorneys at the Law Firm of Holland, Donnelly and Mishler zealously protect our clients’ rights, while treating their cases with personal attention and professionalism just as our own legal matters would be treated.

Are you in need of a skilled Azusa Estate Planning Attorney who will draft your complete Estate Plan, or assist with the probate of a will? Or, do you need the skills of an experienced Family Law Lawyer to fight a guardianship or conservatorship and help with handling your Family Law issues?  Our knowledgeable and experienced Azusa Probate Attorneys, Family Law Attorneys, and Estate Planning Lawyers with the Law Office of Holland, Donnelly and Mishler are ready to help with your case!

Call (626) 357-3223 to reserve your no-cost consultation in our office with a Family Law Lawyer or Estate Planning Attorney.

Our commitment to clients includes maintaining good communication and treating clients with courtesy and respect. Your calls and your emails will be returned promptly. Call us today and learn the many ways our team can assist you in obtaining your legal objectives.

Holland, Donnelly and Mishler Practice Areas

The Law Firm Holland, Donnelly and Mishler represents clients involved in a large variety of Family Law and Estate Planning cases, which include:

Estate Planning Areas of Practice

Estate Planning – We offer comprehensive services for Estate Planning. Our Azusa Estate Planning Attorneys meet with clients in order to assess their goals. We are ready to offer experienced advice and effective tools in order to best meet all of your Estate Planning needs. As Azusa Estate Planning Lawyers, we strive to minimize tax liability for you, and also for generations to come, while preserving your assets.

Conservatorships – The Azusa Conservatorship Lawyers at Holland, Donnelly & Mishler handle conservatorships involving incapacitated adults, the elderly, and developmentally disabled individuals. In these cases, the court has appointed an adult to responsibly assist with the management and finances of an incapacitated individual. Our Conservatorship Attorneys will assist you in fighting or establishing a conservatorship.

Guardianships – The experienced Guardianship Attorneys at Holland, Donnelly & Mishler can fight to help establish guardianship actions which occur when a child’s custody is transferred to an individual who is not the child’s parent. With probate guardianships, the child is residing with the adult who is making decisions on the education, health, and welfare of the child. Contact our Azusa Guardianships Lawyers for a free consultation.

Trust Litigation – Azusa Trust Litigation Lawyers at Holland, Donnelly & Mishler offer knowledgeable legal representation to trustees and those beneficiaries who have found themselves embroiled in trust litigation. These cases are often resulting from a breach of the trustee’s fiduciary responsibility, the failure to invest a trust’s assets properly, a failure to provide accurate accountings, or an improper valuation of the trust’s assets. Call our experienced Trust Litigation Attorney at (626) 357-3223 for more information.

Probate – Our highly qualified Probate Attorneys provide knowledgeable representation during probate. When you are in need of an experienced Azusa Probate Lawyer to oversee the administration of your probate or to distribute assets or open probate, we will help to find solutions for your probate matters in a quick and efficient manner.

Probate Litigation – In probate controversies, we offer zealous probate litigation representation. The Azusa Probate Litigation Lawyers at Holland, Donnelly and Mishler are committed to providing diligent legal assistance and advice to parties involved in probate action, which may include heirs, surviving spouses, omitted children, and creditors.

Trusts – Our Trusts Attorneys meet with clients to thoroughly review the options for Estate Planning, which include plans incorporating trusts. Trusts Lawyers at Holland, Donnelly & Mishler are available to draft, review, and advise trust documents. Contact our office to schedule your complimentary session with with our experienced Azusa Estate Planning Lawers.

Family Law Areas of Practice

Divorce – Azusa Divorce Lawyers Holland, Donnelly and Mishler provide experienced legal representation to individuals in all matters related to divorce. These include both uncontested and contested divorces, dissolution of domestic partnerships, and division of the marital debts and assets. If our Divorce Attorneys are not able to resolve your divorce issues in a peaceful manner through negotiation or mediation, our experienced Divorce Attorneys are prepared to see your case through trial. Call our skilled Azusa Divorce Lawyer right away for your no-cost meeting.

Child Custody – Our Child Custody Lawyers provide representation in every type of child custody dispute, including custody matters that stem from divorce, legal separation, the separation of parents who are not married, a dissolution of the domestic partnership of a same sex couple, or a post-judgment child custody modification. Azusa Child Custody Attorneys at Holland, Donnelly & Mishler are experienced in helping to resolve matters involving Legal and Physical Custody, and in disputes that arise from the differences between parents about the welfare, health, and education of their children.

Child Support – At the Law Firm Holland, Donnelly & Mishler, our Azusa Child Support Attorneys provide experienced and skilled legal counsel and representation in child support matters. This includes the initial determination of support, arrearage issues, DCSS defense, post-judgment modifications, and also issues related to collection. Contact the knowledgeable Azusa Child Support Lawyers at Holland, Donnelly and Mishler.

Child Visitation – Our Child Visitation Lawyers consistently help clients with the establishment of comprehensive child visitation and co-parenting plans. We provide representation for those involved in cases relating to that first determination of child visitation, all post-judgment modifications, contempt proceedings due to not following co-parenting and visitation plans.

Spousal Support – The skilled Spousal Support Attorneys at Holland, Donnelly and Mishler are experienced and have a comprehensive understanding of Alimony laws / Spousal Support. We represent parties from the initial determination of spousal support to any post-judgment modifications. Contact an experienced Azusa Spousal Support Lawyer at (626) 357-3223.

Contact Azusa Family Law Lawyers, Estate Planning Attorneys at Holland, Donnelly and Mishler

The Law Firm Holland, Donnelly and Mishler has offered informed, compassionate and experienced legal representation to Family Law, Probate, and Trust and Estate Planning clients in Azusa, California and the surrounding communities since 1959.

Contact Azusa Probate Attorneys, Family Law Lawyers, Divorce Lawyers, and Estate Planning Attorneys at Holland, Donnelly and Mishler by calling (626) 357-3223 to arrange for a confidential, no-cost consultation.

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